First:  I would like to say that I appreciate what you had to go through in deciding the verdict in this case.  I know it must have been tough deliberations for each one of you..  Determining the guilt or innocent of a person is not an easy job, and we appreciate the fact that you finally made the right decision of Guilty.

Second:  However I do not understand your decision in the sentencing phase.  We sat in the same courtroom heard the same witnesses and saw all the same evidence. How could you not sentence this monster to Death.  It was proven without a doubt that this monster killed four people, actually five, and victimize and raped women. Where was your sense of Justice.

Third:  I understand some of you could not give the death penalty because of your religious belief and with this I have a big problem.  I am sure when you filled out your questionaire that you were asked if you would be able to give the death penalty.  You should not have been on this Jury.  To the ones of you that doubted that this person committed these crimes all I can do is hang my head and cry.  There were over sixty pieces of evidence in this case.  The DNA of each victim was found in the barrel of the gun.  How you could have bought into his concorted story that he was framed is just beyond my understanding. 

Fourth:  I have come to the conclusion that maybe there is something to the idea of Professional Juries, made up of  professional people within the legal system.  At least I feel they would go by the evidence.  I prefer the idea of a panel of judges who at least (I hope) would have enough sense to consider only the evidence and not be driven by emotion in what should be a house of logic and reason. 

Fifth:  To the two people on the jury that held out for the death penalty until they had to compromise just to keep this monster in prison for life we thank you for your effort.  The family of Phillip Dover will always remember what you tried to do for the victims of this monster and in the name of Justice.


Over the past four years you have become like family to us and we appreciate all that you have done for the families of the victims. Thank you for showing respect and honor to the victims.  On behalf of Phillip's family we want you to know that you will always be in our prayers.  The world that you have to deal with every day is a world I never want to know again.  You obtained justice for Phillip and for that we are forever grateful. You guys are the best!!