Phillip Dover October 18, 2000 shall mark the second anniversary of Phillip's death by murder. Family and friends shall mark the sad occasion by gathering at a local park by the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee on Saturday October 14 at 3:00 pm.   
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In 1999 family members released hundreds of message bearing ballons and held a tree planting in tribute to the first anniversary of Phillip's death by murder. 
This year shall include the launching of a bottle bearing message's from the family/friends  and a beautiful poem written especially for the occasion by Francine of  Poetry EmotionBoth friends and family members that can not attend and wish to place a message in the bottle are requested to contact Debbie.  After a silent show of respect,  flowers and the bottle shall be placed into the Mississippi River to begin its trip toward the Gulf of Mexico.  Persons along the way finding the bottle are encouraged to read the messages and are then asked to return the bottle on its journey south.  It is also the desire of the family that those finding the bottle along the way shall contact the family by either email or phone.  Phillip's web site address shall also be placed in the bottle so that those reading the enclosed material may visit his web site to learn more of Phillip.  For more information regarding the date, time or location, please contact Debbie.

 View 'Phillip's Journey' by Francine

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