~ Phillip's Journey ~

 Two years since you have left us
 The love won't fade away
 This message in a bottle sent
With tears of those who pray

 Reaching for you in the night
 To hold you very close
 Feel the warmth of all your love
 We miss your touch the most

 We gather in a special place
 A River filled with dreams
 To send you on a journey through
 The life you should have seen

 Each one of us will send a wish
 This journey takes you far
 So you will find the peacefulness
 This love be our memoir

 Taken from us violently
 Murdered tragically
 This overwhelming sorrow felt
 Will haunt us all daily

 We place love in this bottle
 From all your family
 Giving you the honor
 Life's journey endlessly

 If you find this bottle
 Please feel the special love
 This journey that our Phillip makes
 God's blessing from above

 Remember when you find it
 With joy please set it free
 The water of his pathway
 Are tears of family

 Know the special beauty
 Of what this is to us
 A family that is grieved by
 A man who meant so much

 Though dreams have now been broken
 Our eyes no longer see
 The smile of our sweet Phillip
 Such beauty naturally

 We take this time to thank you
 For journey of his soul
 That it may reach the end of earth
 On waves that reach a goal

 Travel on in spirit
 Your dreams will always be
 Created by the special ones
 That share love's boundaries

 Journey now sweet Phillip
 To places far and wide
 Know that you were loved on earth
 All precious hearts will guide

 When this journey's over
 When you have reached last shore
 I know that you will find us
 Your spirit home once more

 We'll all be there to greet you
 With smiles upon our face
 Our Phillip has returned to us
 The dream we all embrace.

 ~ Francine ~

Thank you so very much Francine!